Play House Disco is a family disco that’s more like a mini festival. Events are first Sunday of the month at Walthamstow Trades Hall, London, with a short break over summer. Check our events page for details.

What kind of music do you play?

Orginally we wanted it to be a full on rave experience – hands in the air, glo sticks, smoke on the dance floor so thick you can’t see the end of your nose, lasers, strobes, dancing until the sun comes up, that sort of thing. Then we realised that pounding techno and house beats might be a bit hardcore for little kids so we play what we call upfront pop music with a twist – yes we’ll play Britney Spears, Beyonce and Taylor swift – but you more likely to hear the house remix version than the radio edit. Plenty of Britpop, a little bit of rave, lots of hairbrush hits, anything you can throw some shapes to. We kept the glo sticks, lasers and confetti canons though, we couldn’t help ourselves.

What about the adults, can they dance too?

We actively encourage Dad Dancing – pretend you’re at your Great Aunt Matilda’s wedding, have a couple of beers and dance without shame – come on, the kids need YOU to show them how it’s done! The kids like to dress up – we’ve had spiderman, Captain America, Alice in Wonderland and lots of Elsa’s. Some of the adults dress up too, we’ve had a lady who came for her God daughter’s christening celebration dressed as a green fairy with glitter and green wig because, of course, she was the fairy godmother. She looked amazing and had a great time. If you’re the kind of Dad who likes to throw some glitter on before you go out please keep throwing it on!! It’s not just the kids who get to have fun.

I’m a parent with small kids, I haven’t been out for a drink for years *sob*

Know exactly what you mean!!! Where else can you get a proper drink and let the kids run around and wear themselves out at the same time? #parentingwin

Is it just a disco……?

Hell no! We always have a craft cafe, where our resident artist will help the kids make something to take home. So far the children have made Valentine’s day cards, paper frogs & Easter Bonnets. It’s a good way for the kids to have a bit of quiet time away from the dance floor and it’s lovely to see Mums and Dads helping their children to make something, it’s good bonding time for everyone. There’s a baby area with baby toys, it’s a softer place for the babies to crawl around and play. It makes it easier for parents with babies and older children to entertain them in the same room. We often find the babies have crawled on to the dance floor and are playing with balloons and it’s lovely to see parents picking up the babies and dancing with them.

The lovely Veronica brings her massage chair and magic fingers so parents can have a massage. Just tell Veronica whether you’d like a relaxing massage or more of a pummelling and she’ll sort your back out for you.
Every month we try and have a special guest table too. We’ve had Stacey Hamilton Hall from our local Walthamstow designer market E17 designers, bring her broozers, dolls and Easter creations. You can see some of her creations in our picture gallery (link). We’re going to have Sheila from Pretty Rosie Boutique bringing her original children’s clothes. This is an exclusive for us, Sheila is a very talented local designer who’s designs may well be snapped up by a big brand when she’s discovered as they are so beautiful. Get them here and be one of the first to support local talent.

I’m hungry, can you help…………???

We always have a cake stall from a local artisan baker. Our regular bakers are Suzie Cakes, another of the E17 Designers favourites and Eleanor from Paper Mills Cakes. We always have gluten free and dairy free options and you can get in touch with us if you would like a bespoke cake made for your children’s birthday and delivered to the disco to celebrate here with us.
We’ve also teamed up with our neighbours, Yard Sale Pizza, to offer all disco goers a 10% discount off all their lovely award winning pizzas for the duration of the disco. We even have our own Pizza Delivery boy who’ll take your orders and bring the pizza to you at your table. Yard Sale do a very good gluten free pizza too! Catch up with yard sale on facebook , twitter and instagram

What age range is it for?

Zero to ten primarily, but if you want to bring older siblings you’re more than welcome, we don’t really have an age limit it’s just that we need to be careful of much older children running around on the dance floor and possibly tripping over our “micro ravers”. We have families of all ages and sizes – babies, young children, older children and grand parents too. Everyone is welcome.

Can I come on my own without a child and meet friends there?

Only if we know you and you contact us before hand – it’s a family event and we don’t allow adults to come without their children (or children without their adults!).

Why did you crazy people decide to do this…?

Well….we’ve been running events and productions for other people for over twenty years through our production company, Chillisound  . When our little boy finally arrived we realised we were going to have to take him with us if we wanted to carry on partying and so, eventually, (being a parent is pretty time consuming) we thought up Play House Disco. We wanted our little one to enjoy music and dancing as much as we had in our student days when we were busy raving and studying, trying to finish up at university whilst having a very very good time ;). There aren’t many places where you can completely relax with your kids where they can run around and you know they’re safe and where you can have a drink at the same time. It’s a win win for parents – the kids are entertained and so are the parents. And so Play House Disco was born.

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’ve been to the disco or are thinking of coming get in touch and let us know what you think.

The disco was awesome!! Can we hire you for a party/wedding/festival….?

You can, we provide sound and light production for everything from small parties to huge corporate launches all across the UK, get in touch and we’ll let you know more.